Frequently Asked Questions

      What do you cover and for how long?

      Depending on your chosen collection we cover between
      6-10 hours with an average of 8 hours covering everything
      from getting dressed to the last formality at reception.

      How long does the couple/creative session take?

      We require at least 1 hour on the wedding day to be able to give clients both variety and quality.

      Do you take formal/traditional photographs?

      Ofcourse we take family and group photographs as well as a
      couple formal portraits of the couple. Even if the couple do
      not require these their family especialy parents will certainly
      expect these.

      Do you accept more than 1 wedding on a given date?

      Never, our clients receive our full undivided attention and therefor we only accept 1 wedding booking per date. We limit the number of bookings we accept per year ensuring consistent exceptional quality & service.

      Do you do night time photographs?

      Definitely, we specialise in Nightscape photography and get bookings from around the world for our technical & artistic vision of these.

      Do you provide black & white images?

      We provide full colour images of everything, we then select
      photographs to be converted to Black&White as well as some
      Vintage Tinting and provide these along on the DVD disc.

      Do I need 2 Photographers on my day?

      It is not essential and will not affect the quality of the
      photography, but with 2 photographers you have a better
      chance to catch all those special moments with couple & Guests.

      Do I get the Full-Resolution Image Files?

      Yes we include all edited images at High-Resolution without
      watermarks and ready to print from to all clients. We also
      include a WebSize folder with all image files downsized and
      ready to post onto social media or email.

      How do I book?

      Send us a mail or complete the contact form, we will then confirm availability and send you the paperwork and booking deposit invoice. Once both booking deposit and agreement is received we then send you the booking confirmation. That's done.

      Do you meet with couples?

      Yes, we love to meet with couples in person either before or after booking with us to discuss your requirements and details of the day.

      Where can we meet?

      We meet with couples usually at a nice coffee shop in their area for the couple's convenience.

      How long before I receive my album?

      Depending on the amount of changes requested and the
      correspondence between us & clients before final approval.
      Publishing of the album requires 10-14 working days after which it is couriered to your door within 2 days. In all the process takes usually between 4-12 weeks.

      Who designs our Album or Coffee Table Book?

      We provide a starting point by designing proof layouts which then is submitted to clients for review and changes to be requested. Before printing the client signs off on the design & layouts ensuring that the album you get is exactly what you envisioned and want.

      Do you offer other products?

      We certainly do, there is a range of printed products and options available including our Signature Fine Art Prints.

      What is the Signature Fine Art Print?

      These are Premium Art Prints meticulously printed on Hanemuhle Paper by a certified Print Master, they are then signed by hand and can be ordered unframed or framed by us and ready to hang.

      Do you travel & work Internationally?

      Yes. We love to travel and often do. We work all over South Africa and Internationally. We have worked in Mauritius, Thailand, Zambia, Tanzania and more.

      Do you work outside of Cape Town?

      Most definitely, yes. We travel and work all over South Africa often. We are happy to discuss travel details with you over a good cup of coffee.